Rack Gravity clock

Just into the workshop, an unusual rack gravity clock by T W Bazeley of Cheltenham


Here’s a copy of the original advertisement from 1981 for these clocks

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 16.40.44

The motive power for the clock is the weight of the clock itself (it’s a heavy brass cylinder). As it falls on the pole, rack teeth cut on the pole turn a barrel. The clock has a platform escapement.

IMG_0994A IMG_0991A

There is an adjuster at the back of the case which is supposed to engage with the adjustment lever on the platform escapement. Unfortunately the adjuster has been catching on the rack pole when the clock is wound (by raising the entire clock by hand up the pole) and has been rubbing against the escapement and has broken one pivot of the balance staff, and worn the adjuster mounting.

The only feasible repair is to replace the entire platform escapement. Luckily these are still available (although not necessarily exact matches), so it’s over to the supplier’s catalogues to find an equivalent.