I was given my first camera, a Brownie 127, as a child and have been photographing ever since!

This website shows some of my recent work from my two areas of specialisation: portraits and architecture. Many of my portraits are of actors and musicians, both formal studio shots and during live performance. These photos are used for portfolios and for publicity and advertising. My architectural work, exteriors and interiors, is challenging in more technical ways. I have worked with a number of architects and developers to record new buildings and conversions.
Whilst web pages and traditional prints make up a large part of the output from my commissioned work, I am also asked to make hard and soft cover books – here’s one from a wedding:

Photos can also be turned into video clips. Here’s an Animoto clip of the Latin jazz band Momentum

Recently I’ve also started working with local businesses producing YouTube product and advertising videos. Here’s one introducing Xpress Solutions: